Güncel Patoloji Dergisi 2018, Cilt 2, Özel Sayı
EPS392(127 - Intraosseous ossifying lipoma of the calcaneus; a rare entity
Kemik ve Yumuşak Doku Patolojisi
Tülin Yalta 1, Ezgi Genç Erdoğan 1, Mert Cezik 1, Busem Binboğa Tutuğ 1, Nuray Can 1
1 Trakya University Medical School, Pathology Department

Intraosseous lipomas are one of the rarest bone tumors found in the body with an incidence <0.1% of all primary bone tumors. It is a benign bone tumor, and the tumor occurs more frequently in the lower extremities. Although males are reported to be more frequently affected than females with a ratio of approximately 1.6:1, this difference in sex incidence of intraosseous lipomas is controversial, with some series reporting no sex predilection.

Case report:

A biopsy was sent to our department taken from a 43 years old patient with a mass of 3.5 cm in greatest dimension in his right calcaneus Histopathologic examination of this biopsy was consisted of sheets of mature adipocytes with prominent thin-walled capillary-like vessels and bone trabecules.There were also areas of ossification.Our diagnosis was as intraosseous ossifying lipoma.


Intraosseous lipomas often contain necrotic fat with small amount of mature adipose tissue along with secondary calcification/ossification within it and induce enlargement/remodeling of the affected bone.

The radiologic differential diagnosis is extensive and includes bone infarct, fibrous dysplasia, enchondroma, osteoblastoma, chondrosarcoma, and simple bone cyst. Histopathologists must also keep in mind this entity before giving the diagnosis of bone biopsies containing adipocytes and bone trabecules.
Anahtar Kelimeler : Lipoma, bone ,calcaneus