Güncel Patoloji Dergisi 2018, Cilt 2, Özel Sayı
EPS605(213 - Adenomatoid tumor of the paratesticular adnexa
Kübra Öztürk Türker 1, Sevdegül Mungan 1, Mustafa Emre Ercin 1, İsmail Saygın 1, Şafak Ersöz 1, Elif Turan 1
1 Karadeniz Technical University Pathology Department
  Objective: Adenomatoid tumors are distinctive benign mesothelial neoplasms that are localized in the tail of epididymis. Paratesticular tumors are uncommon and comprise less than %5 of all intrascrotal tumors. Because of its rarity, the clinical and histopathological aspects are discussed. We revealed a 52 year-old patient with adenomatoid tumor at paratesticular region.

Method: The surgical specimen was formalin-fixed and paraffin embedded. The sections were stained with routinary H&E. Immunohistochemistry was performed.

Results: A 52 year-old male patient had right testicular pain more than 6 months. Ultrasonographic images reported that there was a mass of about 2 centimeters at the tail of right epididymis. The patient underwent right orchiectomy. Macroscopically, we have observed a well-circumscribed 2 centimeters mass with a white cut surface was observed. Histopathological examination revealed a tumor composed of two components: Epithelial-like cells and fibrous stroma. Flat or cuboidal epithelial cells which have eosinophilic and vacuolated cytoplasm were surrounded by collagenous hyalinized stroma with smooth muscle fibers. Lymphocytic infiltrations were scattered in hyalinized stroma. There was no mitotic activity and necrosis. Immunohistochemically, epithelial cells were positive for PANCK and Calretinin. Smooth muscle components were immunoreactive for MSA and Desmin. EMA, WT1, CD34 and SMA were negative and Ki-67 index was low( %3)

Conclusion: Although adenomatoid tumor is a rare neoplasm, differential diagnosis from malign neoplasms and inflammatory processes of the testis is very important. In routine practice, adenomatoid tumor should be kept in mind for the differential and the final diagnosis of the paratesticular malign neoplasms.
Anahtar Kelimeler : adenomatoid,paratesticular region,epididymis