Güncel Patoloji Dergisi 2019, Cilt 3, Sayı 1
Review of Changes in 2017 AJCC (8th Version) Staging of Cutaneous Melanoma
Övgü AYDIN 1
1 İstanbul Üniversitesi, Cerrahpaşa Tıp Fakültesi, Patoloji Anabilim Dalı, İSTANBUL
DOI : 10.5146/jcpath.2019.37 Unlike most of the other solid tumors, the incidence of melanoma continued to increase for the past two decades. Early stage melanoma has a favorable prognosis, however, advanced stage melanoma has a very poor prognosis. Clinical and pathological staging are done according to whether a wide excision of the tumor is done, besides the clinical, radiological and histological examination of the regional lymph nodes. There are some changes in the 8th version of AJCC (American Joint Committee on Cancer) melanoma staging in order to impove the treatment plans, prognostic grouping and selection of patients for new treatment modalities. Mitosis parameter is no longer within the criteria of "T" , besides a clear definition is made for "TX" and "T0". For "N", "clinial occult", "clinical detected" regional lymph node metastasis and "extranodal extension" definitions have been made, besides revisions have been mad efor "satellite", "micosatellite" and " in-transit metastasis" . For "M" category, some changes have been made for the metastatic organs in subgroups, central nervous system metastasis and the effect of "LDH" level in staging .

The general rules and changes in the 8th edition of cutaneous melanomas have been summarized in this review. Anahtar Kelimeler : Cutaneous melanoma, Staging, 2017 AJCC, TNM