Güncel Patoloji Dergisi 2018, Cilt 2, Ek Sayı
EPS361(337 - Totally cystic multilocular struma ovarii: a case report
Hampar Akkaya 1
1 Baskent University Faculty Of Medicine, Department Of Pathology

Struma ovarii was defined as a mature teratoma composed either exclusively or predominantly of thyroid tissue. It is a rare form of mature teratoma. Teratomas are usually solid but some tumors may be predominantly or rarely entirely cystic. Microscopic examination may only reveal a few typical thyroid follicles resulting confusion with other cystic ovarian tumors. Totally cystic form of struma ovarii may cause many diagnostic problems.

Case report

We presented a case of totally cystic multiloculated struma ovarii with clinicopathological findings. The patient was 24 years old. After the single delivery by caesarean section, a cystic lesion has been detected in left ovary and excised. The tumor was 4x3x2.5 cm in dimension. It was totally cystic and multiloculated. The cysts were typically filled with yellow-green, colloid-like secretory material. There was no solid component.

Microscopically the cysts were typically lined by non-specific appearing, flat to cuboidal epithelial cells. Follicle like structures those filled with colloid-like material and septal areas were seen. There was no other teratomatous component. Immunohistochemically epithelial cells were diffuse and strong positive with TTF-1.


In ovarian teratomas, it is easy to distinguishing of thyroid tissue components. But it may be difficult to recognize the thyroid epithelial cell or follicles in totally cystic struma ovarii. The diagnosis of totally cystic struma ovarii should be kept in mind when examining a multilocular or unilocular cystic ovarian neoplasm whose features are not obviously those of another tumor type, and a careful search for thyroid follicles should be undertaken to establish the diagnosis. In problematic cases, immunohistochemical staining may be required to establishing the diagnosis.
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